ERP software, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a tool that schools can use to manage their daily administrative needs such as attendance-taking, incident recording, finance-tracking, parent communication, portfolio generation, and more. Having a comprehensive system to streamline all of your school’s admin can improve how you run your business as well as improve parents updating and  satisfaction levels.

What are the advantages of an electronic system?

More focus on teaching

The teachers will have much more free time because this system will do their daily routine work for them. School ERP software is designed to automate admin work for teachers and make every day more productive. Digitizing data and admin work will introduce data security, convenience, and faster processes to your school.

Data security

One of the most critical advantages of school ERP is the general availability of data and their security. Access to the personal information of students and teachers will be strictly limited and personal data will be protected by digital safeguards. A modern security system will ensure the reliability of data storage.

advantages of school ERP

Positive changes for students

Certain school ERP systems, such as LittleLives, have built-in parent communication features that help to foster close home-school ties. For example, LittleLives has both active and passive communication lines: the school can actively communicate with parents actively through private chats or over schoolwide broadcast messages, as well as passively update the children’s learning progress for the parents to access at any time. Close home-school collaboration, facilitated by technology, has been proven to improve student’s enthusiasm for school and their overall performance in school.

The digital age is here, and there is an abundance of technological tools available to help your school become the best version of itself.


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