There are many factors to consider when running a child care center, such as recommendations on sanitation, safety, communication with staff, parents, organization of the center, and many others. But if you have the right preschool management system, the job becomes much more comfortable. Due to isolation, parents have many questions about the organization of the coming year. It is essential to keep their families healthy, safe, and updated. We will now cover the necessary parameters for ensuring a healthy school year for everyone.

Daycare staff

Obviously, during a pandemic, it will be challenging to recruit the required staff. Besides, you must stick to a specific plan. It will be much easier with preschool software programs for you, given the guidelines to keep teachers in the same classrooms all day. First steps to start working with children during a pandemic:

  • Connect all staff to the preschool management system to make it easier to keep track of children's schedules.
  • Make an action plan if you test positive for COVID-19.
  • Decide how to proceed if any staff develops symptoms of COVID-19 in the middle of the day.
  • Take steps to protect children and staff from the risk of illness.
Staff in preschool

One of the common problems that the administration faces when running a children's center is the staff’s over excess. Moreover, this is fraught with unnecessary payroll costs. With preschool software programs, you can draw up an exact schedule for each employee and tie it to a specific class and children’s schedule.

Schedule for children

To ensure the safety of children and staff, you must have a schedule. Let's take a closer look at what points you should consider when scheduling:

  • The teacher to child ratio.
  • Whether your management software allows you to communicate with parents and upload learning materials.
  • Social distancing measures and regular disinfection times.
Schedule for children

It may be necessary to adjust the time spent in the classroom and the fresh air due to all the permutations in the schedule and time for disinfection of rooms. There will be no more than the usual schedule. Someone will decide to work half a day, and someone certain days a week. In order not to forget or miss anything, you need preschool software programs.

Communication with parents

The parent should be made aware of all changes in school procedures. Share your plans and keep in touch with parents through the preschool management system. Good communication between home and school is important in a normal year, and so much more so during a pandemic. Regularly updating parents on the measures your school is taking to keep their children safe without compromising on their education will help build a trusting relationship.

Preparing for the school year

Get ready for the academic year with a preschool management system. We have three features to ensure the center’s safe and efficient operation during a pandemic.

  • Mobile app for parents and teachers with preschool software programs to help you stay connected. This will ensure an ongoing dialogue between parents and the school.
Preparing for the school year
  • Software to track student health and ensure safety in the pandemic. Information such as daily temperature checks and visual health checks can aid early detection and treatment.
  • Virtual learning resources. In the event that the school is forced to close, education can continue safely online with effective communication lines.

Make your school year safer and easier with a preschool management system.


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