When organising school security, it is vital to consider various factors. The security company should thoroughly inspect the school to determine the necessary security measures, such as the height of the windows on the first floor and the area surrounding the school.

Once taking these factors into considerations, the security company can then form an individualised checkpoint system.

Choose the right metal detector

Choosing a metal detector at school is сrucial. They have different classes and price categories. Unfortunately, installing metal detectors in a school is often a matter of cost.

The main security guards’ duty in schools during shooting, explosions, smoke, or earthquakes is to organize all people's exit from the building. Evacuation is the first stage of work.

Equip your security and management team

Having reliable security guards to protect and have first aid skills will be handy in certain situations. By providing them with quality equipment, you can make their jobs better.

reliable security guards

For example, an internal communication system will keep your guards in touch in case of an emergency. Installing security cameras in relevant areas of your school, such as the different entrances, classrooms, and waiting room can elevate your security services too.

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Conduct training for children

Providing training to both staff and children will take you one step further to enhance your school's security. Playful training, for example, will suit well with school children depending on their age. Competent teachers know which presentation will be optimal and understand how to conduct training to be effective.

school management system

Schools should also opt to use a school management system with a parent app to allow parents to stay updated with school ongoings and track their children's daily activities. It's a real catch when there's also an attendance software to help schools manage attendance-taking, providing a more secure process and peace of mind for parents.

Protecting children in schools is a big responsibility. To make your school more secure and smart, provide security guards with the right equipment, acquire quality software, go onboard with a school management system, and implement training. These will help to significantly increase the level of safety and quality care in your school.


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